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MRO Europe 2023
Conference: October 17-18, 2023
Exhibition: October 18-19, 2023
RAI • Amsterdam

Pedro Macías Domínguez

Chief Technical Officer
Air Europa


At this moment than 20 years in this excited world of airline maintenance business. Years ago, after finishing my aeronautical engineering degree, I began a 1-year training period in line maintenance with A320 and A330, after this year I jumped directly to the MCC as a MCC engineer. Different key people, mentors, and great professionals were given me the opportunity to continue growing in different airlines: MCC Manager in several of them, CAMO Postholder (Vueling, IBERIA Express) and Managing Director in Barcelona HUB with IBERIA Maintenance. Every year, every airline, every challenge was more exciting. With effort and dedication, I was able to complete an Executive MBA and continue growing, with a special interest in innovation and continuous improvement. The challenges continued and continued. Now leading all Maintenance and Engineering at Air Europa where we have been able to continue innovating (all our processes are paperless with electronic signature, for example) and continually improving with the commitment and good work of the entire maintenance team. The exciting thing about our world of maintenance is that there continue to be challenges and new developments every day and, that we like them, they seem to us to be the essence of our work. Always forward!